Choosing Condoms

Condoms come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and flavours. All of these differences are designed to suit different personal preferences and needs, as well as to enhance pleasure.

The Freedoms shop offer a 'Try before you Buy' policy; if you are unsure of what condoms to use please contact us on 0207 685 5977 and we can advise on some options and send you some samples.

It’s up to you which condoms you choose to use. The most important thing is that your condom should be a good fit and feel comfortable and secure, giving you peace of mind and freeing you to fully enjoy your sexual experiences.

Each condom we sell has a full description to help you choose. And if you still can’t decide, please contact us.

Here are some tips to assist you in making a good product choice for your needs:


Like men, penises come in different shapes — and so do condoms. Most have straight sides, with a reservoir (or teat) at the end to collect the semen.

But some men are a little bigger at the head, so some condoms are ‘shaped’ to accommodate this (try Mates Natural or Pasante Regular).

And some condoms are slightly narrower below the head and along the shaft, to hug the contours of the penis more closely (try Pasante Trim).


Different manufacturers make their condoms slightly differently. There is no standard length for condoms, but those made from natural latex will usually stretch to fit lengthways. However, extra-long condoms are available too (try Pasante King Size). Length of condoms generally ranges from 180mm - 200mm, and you roll the condom down until you reach the base of the penis, so depending on your length, the condom may unroll completely or stay a little rolled up.

There is a standard width for condoms, which is generally 52mm-54mm, which fits most men, bearing in mind the condom will stretch and has some flexibility to it once on the penis (try Mates Natural or Pasante Naturelle). But when research was conducted into how well condoms fitted, 35% of men reported that standard condoms didn’t fit them well, with some saying they were ‘too tight’, and some saying they were ‘too loose’.

So if you feel you’d prefer a closer fit because the standard width condom is too loose, try Mates Conform which has a nominal width of 46mm. And if you’d like a little more room widthways, try Mates Kingsize with a nominal width of 68mm at the head and 56mm at the base, or Pasante King Size with a nominal width of 60mm. Again, the closer fitting and wider fitting width condoms will also stretch and have flexibility once on the penis, but may work better for your needs than standard width condoms, so they are worth trying!


There are personal preferences around condom thickness too. Some people want the very thinnest of barriers (try Durex Elite or Mates Ultra Thin) which measure at 55 microns, and others the extra peace of mind they feel when wearing a thicker condom (try Mates Protector) which can measure up to 90 microns. Many standard condoms measure around 70 microns in thickness. There are now also some non-latex condoms available that measure 15 microns thick (try Mates Skyn range and Pasante Unique) but have just as much reliability and strength as their thicker counterparts. Products such as Durex Extra Safe and Pasante Extra Safe, however, offer extra reassurance not through added thickness, but through extra lubrication, as lubrication is key in reducing friction and the potential for breakages.


There are many, many different ways in which manufacturers have tried to enhance sexual pleasure through condom design. Often, they do this by adding texture to the condom surface with ribs or raised bumps or by altering the shape of the head of the condom with added whorls and protrusions.

Then there are flavours, and colours… the choice is very wide.

However, some novelty condoms do not carry safety standard assurance marks and are not safe to use as contraceptives, so be careful what you purchase and where you purchase it from (see Industry Standards section below).


Condoms are usually made from either:

  • Latex: a kind of natural rubber. Most condoms sold are made of latex.
  • Non-Latex: a type of plastic. These are good for those who are allergic to latex. Try Mates Skyn or Pasante Unique.



All condoms are safe to use for oral, vaginal or anal sex. All condoms also have to meet certain safety standards. Freedoms Shop only sell condoms marked with the British or European safety standard mark – these are called CE mark and Kite mark. This is guaranteed because we purchase our stock direct from the manufacturers.

The CE mark indicates that the product meets the requirements of the Medical Device Directive, which covers the safety and efficacy of the product and is a legal requirement to be able to sell the product in the EU. This includes compliance with essential requirements of product risk assessment, bio-compatibility testing, examination of clinical data, and in process testing during manufacture.

The Kite mark is a UK product and service quality certification mark which is owned and operated by the British Standards Institution (BSI), who issues a licence to manufacturers whose products comply with this quality standard. In order for manufacturers to apply the Kite mark to their product packaging, the BSI independently tests these products - a batch of condoms from the manufacturer is tested regularly e.g. every month, to see whether it meets the standard of ISO 4074.

Products sold here at Freedoms Shop will state in the product description the application of these compliance marks to Industry Standards, and the boxes or foils themselves should carry the marks also. If the product is broken down from the box it came in from the manufacturer (in order for ease of postage to our customers), the product description will indicate this and the impact this has on the Industry Standards markings of the product.

If you are uncertain about a product you have received from us in regards to the Kitemark or CE mark, please contact us and we will endeavour to reassure you, or we will contact the manufacturer in question, in order to resolve your query.


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