17 Crazy Facts You Probably Don't Know About Condoms

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22 Apr 2015

17 Crazy Facts You Probably Don't Know About Condoms

Shyly requested over the pharmacy’s counter and then hidden away in the bedside drawer – condoms don’t always get the spotlight and celebration they deserve.

We think that significantly reducing the risk of spreading STIs and proving to be 98% effective at preventing pregnancy entitles them to a little celebration – so we’ve compiled 17 of our favourite condom facts you may not know.

Measuring a condom

1. The most common cause of condom failure is using the wrong size. We suspect this may be partially due to trying to impress the attractive person working on the counter as you request the extra-large condoms, guys. However, if you’re genuinely unsure which size you should buy – this condom size guide will help you find out.

Couple in bed

2. According to Sex Professor, Debby Herbenick, PhD., condoms can’t be blamed for ruining the mood – suggesting women are equally likely to orgasm when condoms are used as when they are not.

3. Every year, an estimated 5,000,000,000 condoms are used. That is almost one per person on the Earth!

4. Globally – women account for nearly half of all condom sales. If that’s not a hint blokes, I don’t know what is.

5. Before latex was refined, condoms were made from all kids of unappetising materials -including pigs’ intestines.

6. Using condoms makes sex 10,000 times safer than unprotected sex.

7. If you hate asking for condoms in the shop, spare a thought for the Danish. Their word for condom is Svangerskabsforebyggendemiddel.

8. Worryingly, only 39% of high school students in the US are taught how to correctly use a condom.

Couple in bed with arms raised celebrating

9. In the US, 25 couples are employed by condom manufacturers, Trojan, to test their products. These highly-skilled professionals are known as the Bedroom Panel.

10. Concerned about increasing diagnoses of chlamydia in 2004, three Swedish cities implemented condom ambulances to control the spread of the infection.

11.Spray-on condoms are/were a thing. Unfortunately they take two or three minutes to dry and research was inconclusive about whether blowing on them would speed up the process.

12. The papacy now supports condom use. After decades of renouncing condom use, Pope Benedict XVI ended the church’s absolute ban on condoms in 2010.

13. Bill Gates has offered $100,000 to inventors who can create the next generation of condoms. Robot Wars-style modifications of current condoms probably won’t be enough to scoop the prize.

14. When kept in a cool, dry place - the majority of condoms have a shelf life of about four years. The one you have kept in your wallet since year 10 probably can’t be trusted anymore.

15. Condoms are older than you’d think. The oldest evidence of condom used is depicted in cave paintings in Grotte de Combarrelles in France – dating back about 12,000 to 15,000 years.

16. During WWI, the US and UK were the only two nations not to supply their troops with condoms – resulting in more than 400,000 cases of syphilis and gonorrhoea.

17. …and according to TheyFit, the men of Stoke-on-Trent have the UK’s largest penises. So that’s where all our extra-large condoms are going.

Now, you’re all clued up about the little guys, take a look at our fantastic range of condoms from all the top brands – helping you have a safer and more enjoyable sex life.

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