All Shapes and Sizes: The Comprehensive Freedoms Shop

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27 Oct 2015

All Shapes and Sizes: The Comprehensive Freedoms Shop

All penises are as unique as their owner, coming in all kinds of shapes and sizes. But they do share one thing in common – the need for protection when used with new or unprotected partners. As using the wrong size is one of the most common causes of condoms not completing their tasks to the requisite standard – we have stocked a great selection to fit perfectly around all penises. So if you’ve struggled with ill-fitting condoms in the past – check out this guide to the different sized condoms stocked by Freedoms.


If you have found that regular size condoms have been a little loose in the past – it may be prudent to try some of the more snug fit alternatives from the Freedoms Shop. We currently stock smaller condoms from Mates and Pasante – giving you a choice from high quality manufacturers. And if you feel self-conscious about your penis (although you absolutely shouldn’t – only just over half of all men use regular sized condoms), the Freedoms Shop ship all products in discreet, unmarked packaging.


Pasante Regular

With a huge selection of regular sized condoms from top brands and manufacturers at unbeatably low prices, why go anywhere other than the Freedoms Shop for your protection? If you’re looking to add a little extra spice or excitement to the bedroom, the regular range features a great selection of condoms in different flavours and sensations – from extra-ribbed to cooling/warming condoms.


"My penis is too big for condoms” will never again be used as an excuse to go bare back and unprotected. Freedoms Shop’s fantastic large condomsrange is full of bigger products from the world’s most respected and trusted condom manufacturers and brands which ensure your length will never burst out of a rubber again. With condoms from Durex, Mates, Pasante and Skins, the large range of Freedoms makes it easier to find the condoms you love in the size that is comfortable and well-suited to your girth.


Even when king size condoms are not enough to fully wrap your monstrous manhood, Freedoms Shop stock the Pasante Super King Size and Durex Comfort XL condoms. Designed to protect even the largest of men; these additions are perfect for those who have found it difficult to slip into regular and large condoms. If you measure your penis in midget gems rather than inches, the Pasante Super King Size is over 400 midget gems in volume.

Now you’ve found your perfect condom size, check out the Freedoms Shop for condoms with a full range of different flavours, sensations and features. Visit the store here, or call our dedicated team on 020 7685 5977.

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