Eleven Kings Piping

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4 Jan 2016

Eleven Kings Piping

With more wiggle room both across the width and the length than any other latex condom,Pasante King Size are the largest available.

At 69mm wide and 200mm long, these condoms are transparent, with non-spermicidal lubricant and a teat-ended, straight shape. They are 100% electronically tested, and are Kite and CE marked to ensure highest standards of safety.

If condoms roll back, split or just feel too tight when you use them it might mean that you need a larger fit. Freedoms Shop offers a try before you buy scheme. If you would like to sample a selection of the larger condoms to find the right one for you please contact us and we’ll be happy to post them out to you.

RT any of our Tweets featuring today’s Vine for the chance to win 11 Pasante Super King Size!

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