Five Common Sex-After-Birth Problems- And How to Solve Them

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6 Nov 2015

Five Common Sex-After-Birth Problems- And How to Solve Them

With a new baby in tow, and a body readjusting after giving birth – jumping back into the sack can be riddled with difficulties and complications. However, getting back into the rhythm of sex can be incredibly healthy for your relationship with your partner – so it’s important that any difficulties are swiftly overcome. Here we have a look at five of the most common post-natal sex problems, offering solutions and advice along the way.

Reduced Vaginal Sensation

You’ve just pushed a baby out of your vagina, naturally this may have impacted what it looks and feels like down there. This can lead to reduced vaginal sensations during sex – and might make it harder to climax through penetration.

You may have been instructed to complete kegels during the pregnancy to help strengthen the muscles around the vagina. And these exercises can continue to help even after baby arrives to help your vagina return to original shape (Vagina Classic), and sex will feel as good as before.

Lack of Libido

Five Common Sex-After-Birth Problems- And How to Solve Them 2

This is a hugely common problem after giving birth – with exhaustion and new responsibilities undermining the desire to have sex. Whilst you can’t force the issue, there are things which can help get the engine running again. Many new mums feel as though they will be undesirable with their changing body shape – so it is important that this is discussed with the partner. In the vast majority of cases, partners will still desire their post-birth yummy mummy – allaying their fears.

If the libido isn’t returning naturally, try the old ‘dry spell’ techniques including romantic baths and sexy massages to spark the mood.

Painful Intercourse

At the opposite end of the spectrum, there may be too much sensation going on downstairs. Even if your vagina has completely healed up and the six week check-up suggests you’re ready to hop back in the sack, hormonal changes can lead to vaginal dryness.

To combat this, explain to your partner that this has nothing at all to do with your attraction to them, and keep some good water-based lube on hand to help smooth things along.

Unusual Vaginal Discharge

If you are having vaginal discharge which is unusual or smelly, then you may be suffering from an infection. This could have been caused by having sex before the vagina was fully healed following sex. It is best to seek medical attention for this – and wait until the vagina is fully healed before continuing to have sex.

Additionally, if you are still losing blood from the vagina four weeks after giving birth, it is advisable to seek medical attention.

Second Baby Syndrome

Five Common Sex-After-Birth Problems- And How to Solve Them 1


After discovering how babies are even more work than everyone described, chances are you’ll want to wait before creating baby #2. And women can become fertile incredibly quickly after giving birth – so it is vital that contraception is used to avoid giving baby a younger brother or sister almost immediately. A number of mid and long-term contraceptives such as the pill and the implant can cause side-effects with the hormonal changes of the body after giving birth. This means that condoms are the best contraception during this period.


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