Got a Latex Allergy? Here's Our Pick of Non-Latex Condoms

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2 Mar 2015

Got a Latex Allergy? Here's Our Pick of Non-Latex Condoms

Approximately 6% of the UK population demonstrate symptoms of latex allergy when coming into contact with the material. Encasing the penis with a material which causes itching, scaling and redness is not the ideal way to start a night of beautiful love-making.

This however does not mean that these people have to forgo a full sex life whilst the rest of us enjoy the benefits of latex condoms, and neither does it mean they have to manufacture their own safe-sex alternative like a kinky episode of Blue Peter.

Non-latex condoms have been manufactured to help protect our afflicted brothers and sisters who cannot expose their genitals to latex materials. Made from polyurethane, polyisoprene or lamb intestines (don’t let that put you off); non-latex condoms are available from top brands in a range of sizes, styles, colours and flavours. Ensuring the latex-intolerant have the same access to safe sex – non-latex condoms are just as effective as their latex brethren.

Despite this, non-latex condoms are slightly more prone to breakage than latex condoms, so it is advisable to use a quality water-based lube (see our selection here) in tandem with the protection – helping reduce the risk of splits.

To make things easier for all of you who wince at the thought of wearing a latex condom, we have picked our three favourite non-latex alternatives.

Skyn Extra Lubricated

The Skyn Extra Lubricated range of condoms from Mates has been designed to alleviate the slightly increased risk of splits and breakages with non-latex condoms. Made from polyisoprene, the condoms in this range are the thinnest Mates have ever made (measuring at just 15 microns) – ensuring heightened pleasure without compromising the strength of the rubber.

Despite coming extra lubricated, it is advisable to apply a bit more lube before use to further reduce the risk of breakage and increase pleasure.

Pasante Unique

Advertised as the world’s thinnest condom, the Pasante Unique is made from the synthetic resin AT-10 – providing an incredibly sensitive feeling. The condoms also feature a flared base, providing extra protection around the base of the penis – creating a barrier against STIs which can be transmitted through genital touching, such as chlamydia and genital warts.

Skyn Large

For those who are well-endowed and allergic to latex materials – Mates have got you and your penis covered with the Skyn Large range. Measuring 195mm in length – the Skyn Large condoms are well-suited to penises measuring 7” and above. Despite the large size of the condom, the thickness of the polyisoprene body measures at just 15 microns.

Again, we suggest you use the condom in tandem with a high quality lube to reduce the risk of a breakage and intensify the pleasure.

For our full range of condoms from trusted brands, and more information about how to maintain a safe and fulfilling sex life, visit the Freedoms homepage or call our friendly team on 0207 685 5977.

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