Look After Your Sexual Health This Christmas

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11 Dec 2015

Look After Your Sexual Health This Christmas

The season of excess and temptation, Christmas is a time when so many people feel a little less guilty about naughty behaviour – whether this is helping themselves to a morning chocolate bar or a bottle of wine in the early afternoon. Additionally, the party period also lends itself perfectly to an increase in casual sexual encounters and drunken encounters. So here we offer a few tips to ensure all your sexual activities this Christmas period are safe, fun and festive.

Watch Your Drinks

Whether you’re out for your work Christmas do or meeting up with old friends who are home for the festive period; many people find more excuses to enjoy a drink or two throughout Christmas. This means you’ve got to be on your guard that you’re not going overboard with the sherries, ensuring you are still in complete control of your actions. A quick kiss and a cuddle with the flirty junior accountant may seem like a good idea at the time, but can soon progress into a regrettable overnight stay at their place.

Unfortunately, the increased number of revellers at Christmas time also brings out the creeps and the predators. Be sure to never leave your drink unattended in a busy pub/bar and club – so you’re never at risk of having your drink spiked.

Boys and Girls, Both Carry Condoms Please

According to Locally Healthy, teenage pregnancy reaches an annual peak around the Christmas period – which is symptomatic of more people taking sexual risks. This makes it hugely important for everyone to carry condoms, in case of a festive fling. No one is exempt from the responsibility of providing a condom – and no excuses such as "c’mon, it’s Christmas” should be accepted.

Find a Christmas Buddy

The temptation of an unprotected Christmas fling may be a little bit too strong when you’re full of Christmas spirit and three sheets to the wind, so it always makes sense to adopt the buddy system. Team up with a trusted friend or co-worker when you go out and agree to watch out for one another – ensuring nothing untoward happens.

Locate Your Local Sexual Health Centre

If you’re reading these tips a little too late, and you’re deep in regret over a sexual Christmas misadventure, it’s important to locate your local sexual health centre. Rather than simply hoping that everything will be alright and your partner was completely clean of STIs, being proactive can help you to swiftly identify any infection.

A number of STIs including chlamydia and gonorrhoea can remain symptomless in a person for months and years before manifesting in any ill-effects. Quickly identifying the STI can help you swiftly treat the infection and warn your partner.

Have Fun

Both Christmas and sex should be fun, so it’s important that you enjoy yourself. Make it a Christmas to remember by ensuring you’re entirely lucid for the whole thing, and spice things up with some lube or a kinky sex toy.

If you’re looking for a little festive fun, but want to keep it safe, the Freedoms Shop is full of condoms and lubes from all the top brands and manufacturers at exceptional prices. Visit our homepage for the full range.

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