National HIV Testing Week

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21 Nov 2015

National HIV Testing Week

National HIV Testing Week starts this Saturday, increasing awareness of the importance of taking a HIV test. Although the high profile campaign is mostly targeted at the UK demographics most at risk of acquiring HIV, it is hoped that everyone will consider whether they need to get checked up.

To showcase the holes in the general public’s knowledge about HIV, we asked three people to answer basic questions about the condition. We hope that this will further encourage those who previously thought they were not at risk, to think twice and get tested.

Getting tested for HIV is incredibly quick, simple and painless. If you believe you are at risk, you can either find the closest NHS sexual health centre, or order a BioSure HIV Self-Test from Freedoms Shop which can determine your HIV status quickly and accurately.

If you have any further questions about HIV, how to get tested or your current HIV status, either contact your local NHS service.

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