Nine Flavours Dancing

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2 Jan 2016

At Freedoms Shop think it’s important to offer condoms in an extensive selection of sizes and flavours with a range of different pleasure-enhancing features, and we can help you find the perfect condom for your preference, taste and size.

We offer the option of buying in bulk to save you more money per unit. These Pasante Flavours, available in packs of 144, work out at just 12p each!

Having 144 condoms means you will never need to be short of a condom when you need it most. One for each pocket/bag/wallet you own! Or club together to buy a pack with your friends. Students sharing a house? Stash a pack in the bathroom and you’re ready to go! However, if 144 condoms just seems too many to handle do not worry, we also stock units of 10, 12, 15, 18, 24, 36, 72 and 100.

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