Rio Sets New Record for Number of Condoms Distributed

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1 Jul 2016

Rio Sets New Record for Number of Condoms Distributed


The 2016 Rio Olympic Games aren’t due to commence until 5th August, but a new record has already been set – for the number of free condoms to be given out to athletes.  

Officials will be distributing 450,000 condoms to the 10,500 competing athletes expected to compete at the 2016 Olympics in Brazil later this summer. That works out at an average of 42 condoms per athlete – a threefold increase over the number of condoms that were given out at the London Olympics in 2012.  

The condoms are being donated by Brazil’s Ministry of Health, and for the first time at an Olympic Games, a third will be female condoms. Lucas Dantas, a spokesman for the Rio 2016 Committee, said that Brazil is a world leader in AIDS prevention: 

"Brazil really encourages safe sex and athletes set an example to the general population. They can play an important role in the fight against AIDs.”  

Brazil has a population of 204 million people, and the largest Catholic population in the world. It prides itself on being a pioneer in the fight against AIDS, offering free treatment to some 730,000 HIV-positive people in the country.  

Dantas also pointed out that many Olympic athletes do not have access to condoms in their native countries, and will be able to take the freebies home with them to put to use after the Games have finished.  

Athletes will be able to get hold of the "little shirts of Venus”, as condoms are nicknamed in Brazil, from the Olympic Village health clinic or from 41 dispensers found around the village. 175,000 packets of lubricant will also be available to athletes and Olympic staff.  

Condoms have been distributed for free at Olympic Games since the 1992 games in Barcelona, but never in such quantities as will be doled out at Rio. Raunchy behaviour at the Olympic Games is nothing new, with plenty of athletes revealing that the Olympic Village is rife with romping and promiscuity during the competitions.  

USA women's football goalkeeper Hope Solo said in the run-up to the 2012 London Olympics: 'There's a lot of sex going on at the Olympics. I've seen people having sex out in the open, getting down and dirty on grass between buildings.' 

She added: 'I may have snuck a celebrity into my Beijing room without anybody knowing and snuck him back out. But that's my Olympic secret.' 

Former Olympic table tennis player Matthew Syed also that the Bejing Olympics was a "sex fest.” He went onto explain that: "Olympic athletes have to display an unnatural… level of self-discipline in the build-up to big competitions. How else is this going to manifest itself than with a volcanic release of pent-up hedonism?” 


If you’re hoping to put your athletic skills to work in the bedroom this summer, be sure to take precautions like the Olympic athletes. Take a look at our full range of condoms and lubes here 


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