Seven Skyns a Swimming

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31 Dec 2015

Seven Skyns a Swimming

We get such amazing feedback from customers about Mates Skyn condoms. This is largely due to their thinness, just 15 microns. This gives great sensitivity but of course does not compromise on strength.

They are also a great value non-latex condom. As they are made from Polyisoprene, anyone with a latex sensitivity can relax knowing that this will not cause a reaction.

TIP: Historically, non-latex condoms are usually considered safe to use with oil-based lubricants due to the alternative types of material used. However, as Skyns arePolyisoprene, Mates recommend avoiding oil based lubricants, such as baby oil, cooking oil or hand lotion, to ensure no damage to the condom occurs.

Other non-latex condoms are available here.

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