Study Shows That Condoms Don’t Cause Performance Problems

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18 Sep 2015

Study Shows That Condoms Don’t Cause Performance Problems

Men who do not like to use condoms have long offered paltry excuses in order to go dangerously unprotected during sex, but one of these excuses has now been completely rubbished by recent research.

Research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine has revealed that suggestions of condoms impacting upon performance are ill-founded and potentially dangerous.

The most damning piece of evidence for the men making this claim during the research was the revelation that most also struggled to perform without protection. Men who have struggled to perform when wearing a condom may suffer from ‘generalised erectile problems’ and should seek correct condom-use education or psychosexual therapy.

To determine the most common causes of erectile dysfunction, the researchers first measured the percentage of men who struggled to perform when wearing a condom. Surprisingly, up to 38.5% of the men reported some performance difficulty when protected. However, this group also demonstrated significant difficulty when performing unprotected – suggesting genuine erectile problems, rather than an incompatibility with condoms.

The authors of the research have suggested that these findings indicate that the erectile difficulties are caused by factors other than the condom. The study went on to explain the importance of encouraging condom use in men who blame their performance difficulties upon the protection.

There has been concern that ill-founded perceptions of condoms and sexual performance have led to a greater risk of STIs being transmitted amongst young people. This less consistent and incomplete condom use is potentially putting a generation of young people at risk.

The study explained: "Improving men's experiences of condom use is important. This group of men may benefit from some type of brief behavioural intervention to reduce their erectile difficulties.”

The research interviewed 479 men between the ages 18-23, exploring the percentage who experience loss of erection when wearing condoms. The research discovered that a large percentage of the men who suffered difficulty performing when wearing a condom also suffered from depression and a significant number were taking medication for ADHD. Trouble maintaining an erection is a relatively common side-effect of ADHA mediation.

This research could lead to calls for greater sexual education for men – removing the stigma that some attach to condoms.

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