Ten Lubes a Leaping

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3 Jan 2016

Ten Lubes a Leaping

Lubricants can transform your sex life! While it is a must for anal sex it is also a fantastic addition to vaginal and oral sex. All of our lubes come from brands we know and trust, ensuring safe sex is pleasurable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Many women of all ages experience vaginal dryness - don’t be embarrassed! Vaginal secretions vary from woman to woman, young and old due to the hormonal changes that accompany contraception, pregnancy and breastfeeding or menopause. Stress, medications and medical conditions can also have an impact.

We stock over 30 different variations of lube from water-based and silicone-based to flavoured and sensation. All of our lubes are safe to use with condoms and carry the CE Mark to ensure high standards of quality.

And when you need a gallon of lube? We have that covered too.

RT any of our Tweets featuring today’s Vine for the chance to win samples of 10 different lubes!

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