The Best and Worst Places to Keep Your Condoms

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16 Sep 2016

The Best and Worst Places to Keep Your Condoms

Ah the trusted wallet condom, the cloak of invincibility tucked away between your Starbucks loyalty card and an old train ticket. The beacon of hope that things might take a surprising turn during a routine night at the pub, guaranteeing your protection should you strike lucky and take home the sexy bartender you’ve been eyeing up over the months. The constant companion which has been with you through thick and thin since you were 15 and your ol’ dad thought it was high time you safely popped your cherry.

The trusted wallet condom – throw it away now.

Despite being one of the most common places we store our condoms, wallets are no place for protective rubbers. Thanks to the friction of your body as you go about your business with wallet condom in tow, you’ll wear that sucker down to an ineffective and threadbare excuse for a prophylactic.

So if you can’t keep condoms in your wallet, where should you keep them? Here we run through the best places to store your johnnies, and a few more of the worst – keeping you and your partners safe and satisfied.  

The Best Places to Keep Condoms

Whether you’re at home, in the club or on your jollies, here are the best places to store condoms so they remain effective and are close at hand when you need them most.

The Sock Drawer – Storing condoms in the sock drawer may sound like the kind of thing done by stars of late 90s teen comedy films, but there’s a lot of sense in this technique. Keeping condoms in a sock in a drawer will keep them cool and protected. So don’t throw away that lone sock which lost its partner in the wash – keep it as perfect condom storage.

Empty Tin – A small empty tin in the bedside cabinet provides the same protection as the sock drawer, with a little extra elegance. The tin could be a specially-commissioned metallic box, complete with inscription and personal insignia, or could be just an old pencil case – either works fine.

Small Coin Purse – The effective alternative to the tight wallet pocket, a dedicated coin purse for condoms means you can take them anywhere and they won’t suffer the same friction damage as the wallet johnny. Try to only carry the condom coin purse when you think you’ll realistically need protection, not during every foray to the local Spar for toilet roll and tinned tomatoes.

Backpack Side Compartment – Admittedly the backpack is seldom a good look for the club, but if you’re travelling the world (or just hopping on the train for a day out) pack a few condoms into a breathable side pocket. Minimal friction and quick access mean you can make the most of any condoms you’re packing, should you get lucky.

Toiletry Bags – A great place to stash condoms on holiday, providing the bag isn’t too tightly packed. A loosely-filled toiletry bag can fit many condoms – great for those holidaying in a busy hotspot.

The Worst Places to Keep Condoms

worst places to keep a condom

Your wallet is not the only terrible place to keep johnnies, there are plenty of spots where damage can be done and the condom will be compromised.

Your Car’s Glove Compartment – Built for only one type of glove, sadly. The heat that builds up in your car could damage any condoms stored within the glove compartment, rendering them completely useless.

The Windowsill – Cacti, framed photos and books are all fine to be popped on the windowsill. Condoms not so much. The direct and intensified sun which will pour through the window will damage the condoms.

Fridge or Freezer – Fridges are designed to keep food and drink fresh, not condoms. Storing your johnnies in the fridge or freezer will not preserve them and keep them effective for longer. In fact, it can completely compromise their ability to protect you. Amazingly, some people seem to think a refrigerated condom may be a good idea.

Your Shoe – Slipping a trusty condom into your shoe may seem like a clever solution so you always have a johnny within reach should the evening take a sexy swing. But this condom will fare just as bad as the classic wallet condom – suffering the effects of friction, intensified if you’re out dancing or have a long walk for Netflix and chill.


It’s vital that you treat condoms with the respect they deserve. Even if you don’t like the way they feel, they could prevent a life-changing mistake with minimal effort – so always ensure any condom you use has been properly stored. And if a partner produces a condom from their wallet or one of the other terrible storage places we’ve listed, make sure you run a mile.

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