The Summer Holiday Safe Sex Guide: Part 1 - Before You Go

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21 Aug 2015

The Summer Holiday Safe Sex Guide: Part 1 - Before You Go

The 12 week no-carb diet is almost complete and the gruelling gym regime is finally paying off – just in time to let loose for a couple of weeks in the sun with friends, hard-to-pronounce local drinks and sexy strangers. Whilst you’ve earned this break from the rigours of working life or the stresses of exams – it’s important to stay safe and protected during your much-anticipated summer holiday.

Luckily the team here at Freedoms Shop have clubbed together to explore some of the facts about holiday infections and offer tips to stay safe and clean down there, wherever you are travelling to in the world. We don’t want you spoiling your holidays with one careless Pina Colada-fuelled night, bringing home unwanted souvenirs for your partner.

Even if you believe you know it all and have seen it all, we implore you to take a little time to refresh your memory of safe sex on your travels – like the safety demonstrations aboard all commercial airlines. We will be sharing these tips and nuggets of advice in five handy sections:

- Before You Go (This One!)

- Holiday STI Statistics

- The STI Souvenirs

- The Different Contraceptives

- Tips and FAQs

Before You Go

After checking your passport is still in date, your pre-holiday tan base is on-point and your baggage allowance is sufficient for all your clothes – it may be prudent to take a quick trip to your local sexual health centre for a pre-holiday check-up.

You can quickly and simply find your local sexual health clinic or support centre with this NHS locator. Alternatively, if you do not feel confident visiting a sexual health clinic or do not have a chance – Freedoms stock home sampling and testing kits for all sexually transmitted infections. These simple-to-use kits can enable you to determine any infections you have so you can start a course of treatment before your holiday. Or if it’s good news – send you on your way to the airport with a clean bill of health and a clear conscience.

It may also be prudent to pack some of your favourite contraceptives before travelling – your destination may not stock your preferred brand or size. Condoms, Cervical Caps, The Pill and all forms of contraception can be carried in both hold luggage and hand luggage. Pack some for your forgetful friend as well – their mum will thank you for your consideration.

For a full range of condoms from all the top brands and manufacturers at incredibly low prices, visit the Freedoms Shop, here, or call our dedicated team now on 020 7685 5977.

Check out Part Two of our Summer Holiday Safe Sex Guide for infomation on STI's.

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