The Summer Holiday Safe Sex Guide: Part 5 – Tips and FAQs

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21 Aug 2015

The Summer Holiday Safe Sex Guide: Part 5 – Tips and FAQs

The final part of our Summer Holiday Safe Sex guide is a collection of tips and answers to the important questions. These can help you enjoy your summer trip for all the right reasons and prevent you from bringing home any unwanted souvenirs.

Top Tips

1. Learn local laws – so you don’t fall foul to foreign customs.

2. Learn a little bit of the local language.

3. Drink plenty of water – sex can be a draining work out in the heat of a holiday.

4. Research where your closest sexual health clinic will be located.

5. Avoid treatment in developing countries – wait until returning home.

6. Try to stick to bottled water and bottled drinks when consuming alcohol.

7. Pack plenty of condoms.

Common Questions Answered

Don’t let an unfounded concern or query put you off having great sex on holiday. Here we answer some of the most common questions about sex on holiday.

Q. Do condoms still work in water?

A. Yes, as long as they stay on the penis. We’d suggest making sure you put on the condom before getting into the sea or pool.

Q. Can I catch an STI from a swimming pool?

A. No. STIs can only be transferred from person-to-person and the bacteria dies immediately outside the body.

Q. Can condoms perish in heat?

A. Extreme heat can lead to condoms perishing so we’d suggest keeping them out of direct sunlight

Q. Can I take condoms in my hold luggage?

A. It’s perfectly fine to take condoms on a flight with you in hold or hand luggage.

Q. Is it illegal to have sex on a plane?

A. Joining the Mile High Club is high up the fantasy list for many people but it is illegal by UK law. You may be fined and banned from the airline if found joining the club.

Couple in bedSafe Sex Lingo

If you take a bit of a liking to one of the locals, there may be something a language barrier to overcome. Not least the insurance of a condom – here we offer how to ask ‘Do You Have a Condom?’ in a number of global languages.

French - Avez-vous un préservatif?

German - Haben Sie ein Kondom?

Italian - Avete un preservativo?

Polish - Czy masz prezerwatywę?

Portuguese - Você tem camisinha?

Spanish - Tienes un condón?

Turkish- Prezervatifin var mı?

Even after perfecting these phrases, it’s always much safer to be the party well-stocked with condoms. Check out the Freedoms Shop, here, for a full range of condoms and contraceptives.

This is the last part of the Freedoms Shop Summer Holiday Safe Sex Guide – so we hope we have answered any unanswered questions and you have a wonderful holiday. If you have any concerns which have not been addressed in this guide, call our dedicated team on 020 7685 5977 or contact your local NHS sexual health clinic for more information.

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