Two Liquid Silks

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26 Dec 2015

Two Liquid Silks

Suitable for use with all types of condoms,Liquid Silk is the perfect lube accompaniment for safe and enjoyable sex - assisting and enhancing your pleasure.

It is available in a range of formats including a 50ml bottle, 250ml pump and handy sachets so whether you’re at home or travelling there’s a size to suit. Check out the bundles as well - save 10% when you buy 3 together.

Not only is Liquid Silk is CE-marked and bio-static, protecting against the spread of bacteria during foreplay and intercourse, but also luxuriously soft, leaving the skin feeling soft to the touch!

And you don’t have to take it from us. Liquid Silk received a 9/10 review from Cara Sutra’s guest reviewer:

" stands to reason that that a lubricant named after one of the finest materials on Earth should attempt to live up to that reputation of luxury and care. And it does. Liquid Silk is, simply, one of the finest personal lubricants you’ll ever have the pleasure of using.”


See the full review here.

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