Weird Sex Laws Around the World

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31 May 2016

Weird Sex Laws Around the World

It’s difficult to imagine that, until just two years ago, you could be arrested for carrying condoms in New York City. Up until May 2014, having 4 or more condoms was considered by the NYC police to be evidence of prostitution and could land you jail time.

This is just one of a host of silly laws and regulations relating to sex that we’ve dug up from around the world – here are a few more to make you giggle, gasp or simply shake your head in despair:

  1. Cheating on your partner is certainly a horrible thing to do, but should you be sent to prison for it? Well in the state of Massachusetts USA, the law says you should! Massachusettsans may know that it’s a criminal offence for a married person to have sex with someone who isn’t his spouse. It’s also a criminal offence for an unmarried person to have sex with a married person. Both crimes could land you up to three years in jail and a fine of up to $500 – yikes!
  2. Ever fancied doing it on a motorcycle? It’s worth knowing, should you ever get the urge, that having sex on a parked motorcycle is illegal in London. Of course, having sex in public anywhere in the UK is a potential breach of the Sexual Offences Act and the Public Order Act, not to mention outraging public decency at common law – so you might want to park up in the privacy of your garage.Motocycle 3
  3. An unusual law in Oklahoma makes it illegal for a bar owner to allow any of his patrons to talk about having sex with a buffalo. Presumably the problem was severe enough to require a law to be made.
  4. In Minnesota, it’s illegal for a man to have sex with a live fish. Once again, we question how much of a problem this was.
  5. In France, it is still legal to marry a dead person. This strange practice, known as posthumous marriage, was initially used by women during World War 1 to "marry” soldiers that had died weeks earlier. However even now, it’s possible to write to the President of France and request posthumous marriage, usually in order to legitimise children born out of wedlock. Fortunately, consummation is not a requirement.Final Bride
  6. In 1999 an Italian court ruled that you could be sent to prison for up to three years for having sex in a car - unless you cover the windows up. However, the Italians may have loosened up a little since then – opening a 172 space refurbished parking lot in Vinci, Tuscany specifically for the amorous to get it on, with soft lighting and trash cans at arm’s length. How romantic.
  7. In Washington DC, the only position you may legally have sex in is the missionary position. Fortunately for Washingtonians, this is one of the many old laws in the US that is no longer enforced – although it’s not entirely clear how it was policed to begin with!
  8. In Connecticut, an old law says that any "private sexual behaviour between consenting adults” is forbidden. This does raise the question of what type of sexual behaviour would actually be permitted!

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Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: mike krzeszak, Quinn Dombrowski

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