Why the Condom Challenge is Misleading and Dangerous

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8 Dec 2015

Why the Condom Challenge is Misleading and Dangerous

It seems as though barely a few months ever pass without another bizarre new trend or challenge for teenagers sparks on the net. From planking in weird places to attempting to replicate Kylie Jenner’s famous lips, these trends all seem to have relatively humble roots but are often taken to dangerous extremes.

The latest of these trends is the Condom Challenge, wherein teens film themselves dropping condoms filled with water on their friend’s head, then post the video online. The trend has apparently grown from the Japanese Condom Head Challenge video which has received more than half a million views since it was uploaded just over a fortnight ago. An attached Twitter account has claimed that the video is intended to demonstrate the strength of condoms, ruling out condom breakage as an excuse for unintended pregnancy.

However, the ‘conclusion’ from this challenge is incredibly misleading, overlooking the main reason for condom failure – improper use. A number of studies regarding condom use amongst young men showed a number of worryingly common mistakes, with a significant number of men putting the condom on too late, taking it off too early, not leaving a space at the tip and wearing the condom inside out.

These mistakes are far more likely to lead to unsafe sexual contact than a broken condom. So whilst the challengers may believe they’re helping spread the good word about condoms – they’d be better served advocating proper use (and dropping water-filled condoms on their heads cannot be classed as proper use).

Additionally, this challenge could potentially lead to suffocation or even drowning if the stunt goes wrong. Injuries as a result of the challenge could lead to the stigmatisation of condoms, which would be counter-productive to the aim of providing safe sex options for all sexually active individuals.

If condoms are adjudged to be potentially hazardous as a result of this challenge, it would completely contradict the apparent objective of championing condoms as an unbreakable method of contraception.

Unfortunately teen-driven viral videos attract far more attention than instructional videos and sexual health classes in school teaching young people how to correctly wear and use condoms.

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