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Pasante Silky TLC 5ml 144 sachets

Pasante Silky TLC 5ml Sachets product
  • Pack Size: Pack of 144
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  • Code: FREE3062
  • £20.59

Product Description (sachets): These single use sachets contain a water and silicone formula that allows for longer lasting pleasure and an intensely sexual experience. It’s non-greasy and non-staining formula, can be reactivated with just a few drops of water.

Features: Water and silicone formula. Opaque and odourless. 100% Paraben free.

The Legal Bit: CE marked.

Pasante offer top quality lubricants that intensify sensation and accommodate a smoother passage. Made from the finest quality ingredients, they provide a silky smooth lubrication and are compatible with all condoms on our website You can find our condoms here.