Sexual and Reproductive Health

Sexual & Reproductive Health

At Freedoms Shop, we work closely with a number of sexual health centres, contraceptive clinics and reproductive health services. This close connection with NHS-approved health centres gives us access to a wealth of information regarding sexual health.

The Central and North West London (CNWL) sexual health service comprises of three centres offering HIV services, STI testing and treatment, contraception, treatment and care. Located in the Mortimer Market Centre, Archway Centre and Margaret Pyke Centre; these three clinics offer discreet expert care.

Whether you are concerned about your STI status or considering a change to your contraception, the skilled professionals in each of these sexual health clinics can help guide you through your complete range of options. Offering completely discreet and honest advice, the professionals put your needs first, offering solutions and options which are primarily beneficial to you and any co-dependents.

CNWL also provides a wealth of information about a number of services they provide, helping you determine whether you may need to visit one of the clinics. For more information about their main services, follow the links below:

STI Testing

Family Planning

HIV Treatment

Anybody is eligible to use the three sexual health clinics of CNWL, regardless of age, sex or orientation. If you are already registered with a different clinic, but believe one of the CNWL sexual health centres would be better suited to your requirements or location; it is possible to transfer by calling the relevant centre and asking for a Transfer Nurse Appointment.