Contraceptives through the ages

If you ever grumble at the prospect of having to wear a condom during sex, spare a thought for our ancestors who did not have the luxury of carefully manufactured condoms, built to the highest standards to provide comfort and protection. In the past, conscientious partners were forced to use all manner of bizarre contraception in order to bypass the risk of pregnancy or infection.

These forms of contraception throughout the ages worked with varying success, but were often uncomfortable, stinky and downright weird. So here we celebrate how fortunate we are by having a look at the different forms of contraception which were used throughout the years (many of which provided absolutely no protection).

From drinking a tea made from the testicles of a beaver to wearing an amulet made from the earwax of a mule, many of these forms of ancient contraception are completely nonsensical, with no medical proof supporting their use.

We guarantee that reading this downright bizarre list of completely random solutions will further endear you to snug condoms which fit comfortably around the penis, and provide far safer and more effective protection against pregnancy. Some of the old forms of contraception are even incredibly dangerous, such as the Ancient Greek method of drinking blacksmith water – which was known to lead to the onset of kidney failure, seizures, comas and eventually death.

Why not take a look at the full infographic here: Contraception Through the Ages