Female Sexual health testing kits instructions and information

If you’re sexually active, regular screening for sexually transmitted infections is a must – but the prospect of visiting the doctor or GU clinic may feel a little daunting.

Our female sexual health testing kits give you an easy way to check for a range of different conditions from the privacy of your own home. As an NHS initiative you can be confident that the testing kits we offer are manufactured to the highest standards and provide consistently reliable results.

Our service includes free standard delivery on all tests, or low cost next day delivery if you would prefer to receive your kit sooner. All tests are wrapped in discreet packaging for your complete confidentiality.

Simply complete our short questionnaire and we will provide a customised test package tailored just for you which screens for a range of conditions including HIV, gonorrhoea and chlamydia, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Syphilis. Alternatively, you can choose from our set test packages which include a test for gonorrhoea and chlamydia, or a HIV test which provides instant results.

Our tests are quick and easy to perform at home without any help or special equipment. You will need to provide a vaginal swab, saliva sample and/or blood sample, depending on which conditions you are being screened for. We provide easy-to-follow instructions for each type of test which explain how to take your samples and how to return them to us for analysis. Most people find that taking samples themselves at home is a far more relaxed process than visiting a clinic and having someone else perform the tests.

Once we receive your samples, they will be screened by our specialists who will provide your results by phone or text, and refer you to a clinic if necessary. Alternatively, you can order our ‘plus’ service, which includes a discussion with one of our experienced sexual health advisers regarding your results. They will be able to answer any questions you may have in detail regarding your sexual health.

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