Find your nearest clinic


At Freedoms Shop we value your safety and welfare above everything else. If you are in search of any additional information or treatment, the NHS can help you find your nearest sexual health centre.Whilst we are condom experts, there are sexual health and contraception questions which would be better answered by a trained health professional.

If there is anything you feel you can’t talk about with your partner or family, the trained and discreet professionals at your local sexual health clinic will be able to offer advice and guidance. The service can afford you peace of mind and offer genuine answers to the queries you may have.

Sexual health centres can also identify, diagnose and treat any sexually transmitted infections you might be worried about. Some of these clinics will operate a drop-in service (which means you can just turn up), but for some you’ll need to make an appointment, so be sure to check this before you go. These clinics can be used by anyone; male or female, at any age and whether or not you have any symptoms of an STI.

If you’re under 16 years of age, you can use the clinics confidentially and the clinic will not tell your parents.

Follow this link to find your nearest sexual health centre.

Whilst we have a close association with the Central and North West London sexual health clinics, the above link can help you find your nearest sexual health centre wherever you are in the UK.

NHS sexual health centres offer much more than STI diagnosis, treatment and care; they provide honest and impartial advice for any and all sex and contraception issues. Providing comprehensive family planning advice and services, NHS clinics can help you alter your method of contraception – to better suit your personal situation and wishes.