HIV in the UK

Somewhat dangerously, many people are still under the impression that HIV is on its way out, and isn’t as much a threat in the UK as it was in the 1980s and 1990s. Unfortunately this is not the case and it is vital that due care is taken when having sex with partners to minimise the risk of the condition spreading.

To highlight the huge numbers of people who are diagnosed with HIV in the UK every year, we have created this helpful infographic. Detailing the rate that HIV is spreading, the infographic covers the number of cases which are diagnosed, and also explores the estimated number of cases which are worryingly going undiagnosed throughout the nation.

The infographic goes into detail about the different socio-economic groups which are most commonly affected by HIV. Worryingly the rates of HIV infection are much larger for those living within London, rather than outside.

Infographic about HIV in the UK

As HIV treatment continues to improve, it is more important than ever that an infection is caught early – giving the patient the best possible chance to receive the necessary treatment to maintain a normal life. Whilst there is no known cure for HIV, it can be managed effectively, so the patient can live a normal life with due care.

If you believe you may be at risk of HIV, it is important you quickly seek your HIV status, giving you the best chance to receive effective treatment if the results are positive. To ascertain your HIV status, this tool makes it simpler to locate your closest NHS sexual health service. Alternatively, Freedoms stocks the BioSURE HIV Self-Testing Kit to help you discover your HIV status from your home.