Lube Explained

Lubricants (lubes)

Lube Explained


Why use lube?

Lube has two uses during sex:

-It makes all kinds of penetrative sex more pleasurable and comfortable

-It reduces friction and helps prevent condom breakage

Whilst the vagina naturally produces its own lube, it’s often not enough for the duration of foreplay and intercourse. Additionally, the small amount of moisture usually found around the anus is not enough to make anal penetration comfortable for both partners, either. And the thin film of lubrication that manufacturers apply to condoms often isn’t enough to ensure pleasurable smoothness throughout sex.

So this has ensured that many people rely on lube to serve as a vital ingredient in sexual pleasure.

Freedoms Shop sells the following four types of lube:

Water-based lubes

These are good for your skin and wash off easily. If you want a clear lube, consider ID Glide. For a more opaque look, try Liquid Silk.

Some water-based lubes are designed to enhance pleasure – for instance, ID Pleasure uses herbal extracts to increase blood flow to the areas where it is applied.


Silicon-based lubes are designed to last longer without drying. They are generally a little more expensive than water-based lubes.They can also be used as a condom-friendly massage lotion.


PasanteTLC lube is a combination of water-based and silicone, giving you the best of both worlds. This product may be easier to clean up than just silicone lube alone, but will stay wet for longer than water-based lube alone.


Flavouredlubes such the Lube Tube CheekyCherry is often with to enhance oral sex, but can be used safely with other types of play, massage and penetrative sex. Flavoured lubes can also enhance oral sex in addition to a flavoured condom - offering protection against STIs, and double the flavour. There are also flavoured dams available which require a lube be applied between the dam and against the skin/genitals, to provide a more comfortable experience and heightened sensation. Flavoured lubes are more often water-based and many use natural flavours, which are safe to ingest.