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Water & Silicone Based Lube

Understanding the importance of ensuring safe sex is pleasurable and enjoyable for everyone involved, we stock a wide selection of NHS-approved lubricants. All of our lubricants come from brands we know and trust to provide exciting, pleasurable sex.

All of our lubes are safe to use with condoms, helping to promote and enhance safe and fun sex. The CE marked lubes are also safe to use on the skin, with many providing a moisturising experience, leaving skin feeling soft and silky.

We stock a comprehensive selection of lubes from ID in a range of flavours and textures with different features perfectly suited to your tastes. All ID lubricants are provided in simple-to-open bottles, making them conducive to one-handed use.

The Liquid Silk range of lubes are water-based and bio-static protecting against the spreading of bacteria (such as yeast infections and fungal spores) during sex or foreplay. The non-sticky, non-tacky texture also makes Liquid Silk ideal for sensual massage.

Our Give Lube range is available in a selection of different flavours, arousing the sense during oral sex and foreplay.

Available in stylish, contemporary bottles Uberlube offers a touch of classic and sophistication to pleasurable, enhanced sex, foreplay and massage.

All of our lubes are designed to be simple to clean without leave unsightly residue after use.

At Freedoms, we understand discretion is important to many of you so we offer a discreet packaging option. This allows you to order any products from us with complete peace of mind.

For first-time buyers or those unsure as to the uses and benefits of lube, our team of advisors are always on hand to help. Simply call on 0207 685 5977 and our team will help you find the perfect lube for your needs, tastes and preferences.