PASANTE - Light Lube 5ml sachets (x144)

PASANTE - Light Lube 5ml sachets (x144)

Brand: Pasante

Code: FREE3061

Price: £20.59

Lubricant has both practical and enhancing uses in the bedroom but if you have skin that is sensitive or prone to allergies, use of a lubricant may seem out of the question. You may find that regular lubricants cause your skin to itch and burn, making sex a painful experience. This can be very frustrating as lube is supposed to alleviate those2 symptoms rather than cause them!

If your experience with lube has been less than successful in the past, we highly recommend you try Pasante Light Lube. Many lubricants are made from oil, petroleum or silicone and these have a higher potential for irritation - but Pasante Light is a gentle water-based formula that has been specifically designed for people with reactive skin types. Water based formulas are also more suitable for women who frequently suffer from yeast infections as the ingredients in other formulations can aggravate the problem.

Pasante Light Lube helps ease penetration for both men and women, so sex is pleasurable rather than painful. For those suffering from reduced natural wetness (for example, because of stress, use of medication or menopause), Pasante Light not only reduces discomfort but also heightens sensations, resulting in more pleasure for both you and your partner.

This mild, clear and odourless lube can be used safely with all types of condoms and diaphragms, helping to prevent genital dryness and enhancing your sexual experience. The lubricant is non-greasy and will not stain, so can be wiped away or removed from fabrics with a quick wash.

Pasante Light is a long lasting lubricant which can be reactivated with just a few drops of water. However, because this lube is delivered as 144 convenient 5ml sachets rather than a tube or pump, you will find there is very little wastage.