ID - Glide (500 ml, 17.6 fl/oz)

ID - Glide (500 ml, 17.6 fl/oz)

Brand: ID

Code: FREE8021

Price: £20.29

Enjoy enhanced pleasure, sensation and comfort every time with the help of the 17.6 fl/oz (500ml) can of ID Glide lube. Perfect for sex with your partner, a toy or just by yourself; the carefully designed and formulated lube will have your hairs standing on end time and again.

Non-sticky, non-staining and water-based, the lube creates an entirely natural sensation and mutually-satisfying experience. Medically tested and found to be safe to use with condoms and sex toys, kick all your sexual experiences up a notch with a palmful of this magic little mixture. And even when you think the fun is ending, the lube can be reactivated with a quick lick or a few drops of water meaning the lengthy session can continue without interruption.

The clever pump design of the canister makes it incredibly simple to fill your palm with the lube, meaning no more fiddling around with small and slippery sachets highly important when trying to maintain mood and momentum. The strong pump design ensures you won't waste a single drop of the lube, helping you make the most of the wonderful substance held within.

An absolute must for the top drawer, the 17.6 fl/oz can of ID Glide makes a great go-to lube when your partner is in the mood or when you're home alone and the urge hits you just right.

ID Glide has been extensively tested by professionals and accredited as an FDA 510k approved medical device, and has received its CE mark. This will give you complete peace of mind that the lube is safe to use as it enhances your sexual pleasure.

And if you're looking for a supply of the lube to take on your travels or for an overnight stay, we also stock ID Glide in small 2.2fl/oz tubes.

All ID Glide lubes are completely safe to use with condoms, so check out the extensive Freedoms Shop range here.