Millennium (130ml, 4.4 fl/oz) Flip Cap Bottle

Millennium (130ml, 4.4 fl/oz) Flip Cap Bottle

Brand: ID

Code: FREE8030

Price: £13.99

For added thrills in the bedroom you will love ID Pleasure, a premium lubricant chock full of powerful ingredients designed to dazzle the senses. This sensuous lube contains high quality plant extracts including Ginkgo Biloba, Menthol and Red Clover which work together to create mind blowing stimulation.

The inclusion of Ginkgo Biloba extract from Ginkgo Biloba tree leaves combined with an electrifying combination of Red Clover and Menthol helps to stimulate the blood flow, boost the circulation and give your sexual experience a new, exhilarating twist. Men will benefit from a firmer feeling erection, while women will find the enthralling sensation this lube creates to be invigorating.

Use ID Pleasure lubricant solo or with your partner, to enhance masturbation or bring tingling titillation to all types of intercourse. This fantastic lubricant will arouse and delight you and your partner, injecting an extra layer of excitement into your love life. You will also love taking the time to discover just how much fun using ID Pleasure with your latex or silicone adult toys can be, for even more gratification.

In addition to this lubes blissful benefits, you will find plenty of practical ones too. ID Pleasures water-based formula is gentle enough for use even with sensitive skin, so you wont need to worry about sensitivity or irritation. It will not stain your clothes or sheets and washes out easily from fabric, allowing you to use it wherever you like! The lube feels pleasant to touch, with a smooth and non-tacky finish. It is delivered to you in a 130ml bottle with a convenient flip cap or alternatively, you can pick from our large 500ml container or our 57ml travel size to meet your needs. Whatever your choice, we will deliver your product in our carefully designed discreet packaging that does not show our name or details, to protect your privacy.