LIQUID SILK - 10ml Sachets (50)

LIQUID SILK - 10ml Sachets (50)

Brand: Liquid Silk

Code: FREE5001

Price: £12.70

Safe for use with all condoms, Liquid Silk lubes can assist and enhance safe sex experiences. The smooth, luxurious texture of the lubricant can stimulate more enjoyable anal and vaginal sex. With a non-sticky, non-tacky texture, the lubricant is also perfect for use during intimate massages and foreplay.

Liquid Silk lubricant has moisturising qualities, perfect for people with dry and overly-sensitive skin. The lubricant can help promote enjoyable, comfortable and safe sex for women who suffer from vaginal dryness caused by the menopause or breastfeeding.

With a touch of added Silicone, Liquid Silk can last significantly longer than many competing water-based lubricants meaning a little lube goes further. The very subtle taste of Liquid Silk means that as well as anal and vaginal sex, it can help improve oral sex.

Liquid Silk is both CE marked and bio-static protecting against the spread of bacteria during sex and foreplay. This can stop the spread of yeast infections and fungal spores during intercourse.

The small 10ml sachets of Liquid Silk are ideal for overnight bags or to pack with toiletries. Each sachet is suitable for a single use. Holidaying couples can simply pack a few sachets to make the most of their time away. Liquid Silk is incredibly simple to clean up after use without leaving any unsightly residue.

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Liquid Silk is also available in 250ml pump bottles, 50ml x25 bottles and 10ml x1000 sachets