LIQUID SILK - 250ml Pump

LIQUID SILK - 250ml Pump

Brand: Liquid Silk

Code: FREE5003

Price: £8.99

Liquid Silk is a water-based lube, safe and suitable for use with all condoms. With a smooth and luxurious feel, Liquid Silk is perfect for enhancing safe and enjoyable sex. The non-tacky, non-sticky texture also makes Liquid Silk ideal for use during foreplay and for intimate massages.

The moisturising lube leaves behind a moisturising feel on the body and is designed to reduce the risk of breaking skin. With a touch of silicone, Liquid Silk is significantly longer-lasting than the majority of other water-based lubricants on the market.

Moisturising the skin tissue during use, Liquid Silk is perfect for women experiencing vaginal dryness due to breastfeeding or menopause. It also has a very subtle taste, making it suitable for use during oral sex.

Liquid Silk lube is CE marked and bio-static meaning it serves to stop the spreading of bacteria such as yeast infections and fungal spores during sex and foreplay.

The efficient pump bottle makes the lubricant simple to apply before foreplay and sex, even if you already have lubricated hands. No awkward and embarrassing fumbling with caps or lids. The water-based lubricant is incredibly simple to clean up, leaving no residue behind.

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Liquid Silk is also available in 50ml x25 bottles, 10ml x50 sachets and 10ml x1000 sachets