PASANTE - TLC Lube 5ml sachets (x 144)

PASANTE - TLC Lube 5ml sachets (x 144)

Brand: Pasante

Code: FREE3062

Price: £20.59

Since its launch in 2000, Pasante has established itself in the UK market as a firm favourite for condoms and lubricants offering more choice than any other brand. Pasantes TLC Lube is one of their most popular products, giving you silky smooth lubrication for added excitement with the extra benefit of skin soothing ingredients.

The name perfectly describes what Pasante TLC is about its gentle water and silicone based formula works to care for the skin while helping to effectively eliminate the problem of genital dryness. Designed specifically to work with all types of condoms, this lube is opaque and flavourless with a pleasant feel for an intense sensual experience without tackiness or irritation.

Pasante TLC is paraben-free which is good news parabens are a common preservative ingredient used in many cosmetic products but recent studies have raised concern over their safety and demonstrated that they can be absorbed into the system, potentially contributing to health problems.

Pasante TLC is also non-staining so you dont need to worry about getting it on sheets or clothing. Any excess can be wiped away, or easily removed with a quick run through the wash. If needed, the lube can also easily be re-activated with just a few drops of water, for even longer lasting lubrication.

Your Pasante TLC lube comes in a pack of 144 5 millilitre sachets which are really convenient to use not only do they minimise wastage, but they also can be taken with you wherever you go, ensuring you always have lube to hand. You will also notice that they are CE marked which is your guarantee that this product has been thoroughly tested to the highest safety standards.

Choose Pasante TLC if you are looking for a moisturising lube that can be used with condoms and provides a silky, sensuous experience with no stickiness.