Maximus Personal Lubricant - 250ml Pump

Maximus Personal Lubricant - 250ml Pump

Brand: Liquid Silk

Code: FREE5007

Price: £8.99

The Maximus Personal Lubricant is a water-based lube, designed to be incredibly long lasting. Its high glycol content allows it to collect and retain moisture, ensuring a lubricated surface for longer.

Made by the same people who brought you Liquid Silk, Maximus Personal Lubricant performs to the same high standard - assisting and enhancing exciting safe sex. The Maximus Personal Lubricant is ideal for vaginal and anal sex as well as masturbation - with the clear formula leaving no stains or residue. Unlike other silicone lubes; Maximus Personal Lubricant does not diminish the sensation during use.

At just£8.99 for a 250ml, the Maximus Personal Lubricant is incredibly economical, providing hours of exciting sex and play. The Maximus Personal Lubricant is CE marked and safe for use with all types of condoms, providing a safer sexual experience.

Maximus Personal Lubricant is bio-static, preventing the spread of any bacteria - yeast infections or fungal spores.

The 250ml pump bottle makes it incredibly simple and useful for repeated use at home. The pump action of the bottle allows for simple, one-handed application - perfect for those with already-lubricated hands.

If you are unsure about which lube to select or the correct use of lube, simply call our dedicated advice team of 0207 685 5977. Our advisers are more than happy to help you make a decision about the perfect lube and help you make the most of the product in a safe and exciting way.

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Maximus is CE marked and safe to use with all condoms.

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Available in a 250ml pump bottle.