MATES - Skyn Extra Lubricated (x10 condoms)

MATES - Skyn Extra Lubricated (x10 condoms)

Brand: Mates

Code: FREE2025

Price: £9.99

Mates Skyn Extra Lubricated Condoms, like the original Skyn Condoms, are softer and more flexible because they are made from a non-latex material called Polyisoprene, but with all the strength of a regular latex condom. This variant comes with extra lube for more sensation and sensitivity, in addition to being the thinnest condoms in the Mates range at just 15 microns, without compromising on strength and safety from breakages.

We recommend using this condom with additional lubricant, our range can be found here.

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Specifications: Nominal Width 53mm, Length 185mm, Thickness 15microns. Transparent, Non spermicidal lubricant and teat ended, straight shape, dermatologically tested and 100% electronically tested, and are CE marked.

Available in a 10 pack.