LUBETUBE - Silicone 100ml

LUBETUBE - Silicone 100ml

Brand: Give Lube

Code: FREE8046

Price: £11.50

Lubetube Silicone+ is made by Give Pleasure Products, a multi award winning innovative company based in the UK. Achieving various Best Consumable awards and nominations over the past few years, their products have gained significant popularity in the lube market since they were founded in 2011.

Lubetube Silicone+ is a product from the Give Lube range based on a tried and tested formulation from the original German silicone lube inventors. The ingredients include three exceptional quality medical grade silicones that work together to give you the ultimate glide experience for both massage and intercourse. The product is highly economical and ultra-long lasting, providing you with hours of luxurious glide and slide lubrication. Unlike most brands, Lubetube Silicone+ will also last well underwater if applied beforehand and can be used for exciting, sensual water play in the pool, hot tub, shower or bath.

You can use this lubricant for all types of sex including masturbation, oral, vaginal and anal. Its silicone base gives it a more luxurious and silkier feel in contrast with water-based lube and it also provides more comfort for anal than other products that are thinner and therefore less effective.

Lubetube Silicone+ is oil free, and safe to use with all types of condoms although it should not be used with silicone sex toys. It is unscented, dermatologically tested and free from flavours, colours, odours and preservatives, making it less likely to cause irritation or distraction! It is also CE marked so you can be confident it is safe for you to use.

Aside from its uses in the bedroom, Lubetube Silicone also works well as a dressing aid for latex and rubber clothing, and can be used as a hair serum or to aid leg shaving. It is sold in a compact 100ml bottle that is easy to carry around and minimises wastage.