MATES - King Size (x72 condoms)

MATES - King Size (x72 condoms)

Brand: Mates

Code: FREE2045

Price: £9.99

Please note that Mates King size foils might vary and you could receive purple coloured foils that have Manix and all the Mates brands on the front of the foils. If you flip the condom over written on the back is Mates king size.

Mates King Size are a larger condom compared to other Mates condoms, in regards to width and length, for men who find regular-sized condoms too tight.

We recommend using this condom with additional lubricant, our range can be found here.

Other larger condoms can be found here.

Specifications: Nominal Width at head 68 mm, Nominal Width at base 56mm, Length 195mm, Thickness 70microns. Transparent, Non-spermicidal lubricant and teat ended, easy on shape, dermatologically tested and 100% electronically tested, and are CE and Kite marked.

This retail pack will be despatched in our new post-friendly packaging.