MATES - Conform (x72 condoms)

MATES - Conform (x72 condoms)

Brand: Mates

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Price: £9.99

For years, the condom industry took a one-size-fits-all approach to product design which didn't reflect the reality at all. Now, the big names like Mates and Pasante have developed a wider range of condoms which recognise that men are all different shapes and sizes and therefore need a greater variety of products to satisfy their individual needs. Despite this, badly fitting condoms are still a common problem and can cause some men to be put off using them altogether.

If in the past you have had problems with condoms feeling loose or slipping off during sex, Mates Conform condoms could be just what you're looking for. Naturally, most of us feel a little reluctant to try something new or different - but if your experience with condoms has been a negative one in the past, we can't recommend Mates Conform enough. Regular condoms may be simply too wide for you and wearing them will make sex less enjoyable, causing loss of sensation and difficulty maintaining an erection. Mates Conform "Closer Fit" condoms are narrower at 49mm compared with regular condoms which are typically around 54mm - and therefore ideal for men with a slightly smaller girth. Despite being narrower, they are the same length as most regular condoms at 185mm.

From the very first time you put on a Mates Conform condom, you'll experience increased contact and a closer natural sensation that you just can't achieve with a condom that is too loose. These transparent condoms are a pleasure to use, with a teat end and a shape that makes them easy to handle. They are dermatologically and electronically tested, and display the usual Kite and CE marks for your reassurance.

This pack of 72 Mates Conform condoms offers fantastic value for money, with free standard delivery available. For even greater intimacy, we recommend using extra lube with your Mates Conform condoms from our extensive range, click here.

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