MATES - Protector (x72 condoms)

MATES - Protector (x72 condoms)

Brand: Mates

Code: FREE2049

Price: £9.99

If safety is at the forefront of your mind when it comes to sex, Mates Protector condoms are a great choice for you. While all of our condoms pass extensive and rigorous quality and safety tests, Mates Protectors offer just that little bit extra in terms of peace of mind.

These condoms have twice the tensile strength of other condoms (the measure of force required to pull something to the point at which it breaks) and a thickness of 90 microns compared to a typical condom thickness of 70 microns - giving you complete confidence in their safety. However, despite being thicker than usual, these condoms still deliver an amazing natural sensation, thanks to their well thought out design. In addition, these condoms are lubricated with silicone for increased sensitivity and pleasure.

As with all of our condoms we recommend you choose an additional water or silicone based lubricant from our extensive range which includes flavoured, flavourless, sensitive and stimulating products click here to see them all. When you use extra lube with a condom it is even less likely to break, making your experience even safer.

Aside from being thicker than usual, Mates Protector condoms are sized like a regular condom, with a width of 53mm and a length of 180mm. They are transparent and made from latex with a teat end and shape that makes them easy to put on. They have passed all the usual safety criteria which cover the design, resistance to pressure and bursting volume, stability, labelling, packaging and shelf life. Mates Protector condoms bear both the CE and Kite marks for your reassurance.

Your Mates Protector Condoms come in a fantastic value pack of 72 offering great cost savings over smaller packs. Like all of our products, your condoms are delivered in discreet packaging for complete confidentiality.