MATES - Ribbed (x72 condoms)

MATES - Ribbed (x72 condoms)

Brand: Mates

Code: FREE2052

Price: £9.99

When it comes to choosing a condom, everyone is a little bit different both mentally and physically, which is why there are so many different types of condoms available on the market. If you've tried regular condoms before and you didn't enjoy using them, it's worth testing out some of the alternative products available to satisfy all kinds of preferences.

Mates Ribbed condoms are one such product that is worth experimenting with. They are a great choice if you're looking for a product to enhance intimacy and sexual pleasure, spice things up in your love life and bring extra fun to the bedroom. These fabulous regular sized condoms have an easy-on shape and raised ridges that run around the width of the condom, increasing sensations for both partners when using them. These are perfect for you if you've ever worn a standard condom and complained that you don't really feel anything. A ribbed condom creates more friction during intercourse, heightening the pleasure for both the penis and vagina. They are the simplest way you can bring added adventure and arousal to the bedroom.

Mates Ribbed Condoms are transparent and are coated with a non-spermicidal lubricant. However, for added safety and pleasure, we do recommend choosing a separate lubricant to use as well. Our full range of lubricants has something for everyone including flavours and stimulating products that can enhance sex even further.

Our pack of 72 teat-ended Mates Ribbed condoms offer great value for money and free delivery is available as standard. Despite being more novel in design than conventional condoms, Mates Ribbed condoms are as safe as regular condoms to use and bear both CE and Kite marks. Like all of our condoms they have been electronically and dermatologically tested for your complete peace of mind.

This retail pack will be despatched in our new post-friendly packaging.