PASANTE - Trim (x72 condoms)

PASANTE - Trim (x72 condoms)

Brand: Pasante

Code: FREE3040

Price: £9.99

Pasante Trim Condoms are a little smaller in size than regular condoms, making them ideal for men who have experienced problems in the past with condoms slipping off or bunching.

Men come in all shapes and sizes and Pasante Trim Condoms were designed in recognition of this fact. Pasante is one of the leading condom manufacturers and offers the largest selection of condoms in the world, covering all different shapes, sizes, styles and preferences. Whilst you may feel a little reluctant to try a smaller condom, you certainly won't regret the decision - choosing the right size condom from the vast range of different types available not only gives you the best possible protection but also ensures that you can fully appreciate all of the pleasurable sensations of penetration. The width of these condoms is 49mm which may be contrasted with a regular condom measuring typically 52 to 54mm. At 180mm in length they are very slightly shorter than some regular condoms which can also really help where bunching has been a problem in the past.

Pasante Trim condoms are transparent and straight in shape, making them easy to roll on when you need them. They include a non-spermicidal lubricant and have been dermatologically tested to ensure they are unlikely to cause irritation. We recommend you purchase extra lube to use with your condoms, both for added safety and increased pleasure see our full range here which includes flavoured, sensitive and water-based lube, and many other varieties.

Made from quality natural rubber, Pasante Trim condoms bear the CE and Kite mark, indicating that they have undergone extensive testing. They are sent out in plain packaging via our free delivery service in a pack of 72 and are priced extremely competitively please feel free to shop around and verify this for yourself. Pasante Trim can also be purchased in a pack of 24 click here.

This retail pack will be despatched in our new post-friendly packaging.