PASANTE - King Size (x72 condoms)

PASANTE - King Size (x72 condoms)

Brand: Pasante

Code: FREE3042

Price: £9.99

Pasante are a leading manufacturer of condoms, offering more shapes, sizes and styles than any other brand across the globe. Pasante's King Size Condoms are designed for men with a larger penis, offering complete protection with extra room for total comfort.

So many men continue to buy regular sized condoms, even when these feel uncomfortably tight. Wearing the wrong sized condom can be risky; the condom may split or slip off during sex, leaving you at risk of catching an infection. Condoms that are too tight can also cause a loss of sensitivity and may make it difficult to reach a climax. Pasante King Size condoms offer the ideal solution where size has been an issue in the past. Measuring 60mm in width, they are a full 6-8mm larger in girth than a regular condom, ideal for the wider penis.

They also offer larger men a little extra length, measuring 200mm rather than the standard 180mm - 185mm. This additional room makes the condom feel more comfortable and ensures that you experience maximum pleasure during sex.

These condoms are transparent and feature a non spermicidal lubricant. We do however suggest that you purchase additional lubricant for added arousal and to minimise the chances of your condom splitting. Use lube on the outside of the condom for smooth, silky gliding action, and add a couple of drops into the teat for an even better experience.

Pasante King Size Condoms have a teat end and straight shape, making them easy to apply. Dermatologically and electronically tested, they have passed rigorous safety criteria that has earned them the essential Kite and CE marks.

Your Pasante King Size Condoms are delivered to you in a pack of 72, representing outstanding value for money. We offer free delivery in our discreet packaging that bears no branding for your privacy and confidentiality.