PASANTE - Delay (Infinity) (x72 condoms)

PASANTE - Delay (Infinity) (x72 condoms)

Brand: Pasante

Code: FREE3044

Price: £9.99

If things tend to happen a little too fast in the bedroom, Pasante Delay Condoms may be a great choice for you. Choose Pasante Delay condoms if you experience premature ejaculation or if you would simply like to perform for longer. These smart transparent condoms contain 1% Lidocaine Hydrochloride, a local anaesthetic which causes temporary numbness in the skin.

For best results, some people recommend putting on the condom and waiting around five to ten minutes before penetration to allow the numbing agent to work its magic. The effect of the Lidocaine is very subtle and you will still be able to enjoy all the pleasurable feelings of penetration but with sufficient desensitisation to delay the male climax and give both you and your partner a longer, more satisfying experience. The addition of Lidocaine Hydrochloride will not numb your partner because the numbing agent is contained within the tip of the condom. For some people, this makes Pasante Delay condoms preferable to using a delaying lubricant or similar product.

Pasante Delay condoms can be used safely for oral, vaginal and anal sex. They are slightly narrower (at 52mm) than some other condoms for a firmer fit but they are still regarded as standard size. These condoms are straight in shape with a teat end for easy application. They have been both electronically and dermatologically tested for peace of mind, and bear the CE and Kite marks for your reassurance. The 72 condom value pack offers great value for money with free, discreet delivery, saving you even more.

Although Pasante Delay condoms are coated with a non-spermicidal lubricant, it is recommended that you choose an additional lubricant from our range (click here). Extra lube helps protect the condom from breaking especially during more rigorous or anal sex, and also offers more pleasant and pleasurable sensations by reducing unwanted friction.

Size: Width 52mm, Length 190mm, Thickness 70 microns.