PASANTE - Extra (x72 condoms)

PASANTE - Extra (x72 condoms)

Brand: Pasante

Code: FREE3049

Price: £9.99

Pasante Extra Condoms are much thicker than regular condoms and are perfect for you if safety is a primary concern during sex. At 100 microns, these condoms are the thickest available on the market and substantially thicker than regular condoms which are typically just 70 microns. Pasante Extra Safe condoms are also coated with extra non-spermicidal lubricant which helps to protect the integrity of the condom.

The extra lube included on these condoms offers better protection from splitting - but for maximum safety, we suggest you pick an additional lube product from our extensive range. Using more lube helps the condom to glide smoothly making it less likely to break and further heightens sensitivity giving you a better experience.

Despite being thicker than a regular condom, Pasante Extra Safe transparent condoms have regular dimensions at 180mm in length and 54mm in width. They are straight with a teat end making them easy to put on, and they have been both electronically and dermatologically tested for your complete peace of mind. Like many of our condoms, Pasante Extra Safe bear both the Kite and CE marks that guarantee they have passed a rigorous programme of testing.

Your Pasante Extra Safe condoms come in a great value-for-money pack of 72 with free delivery in our plain packaging. Your parcel will not have any branding on it to protect your privacy.

This retail pack will be despatched in our new post-friendly packaging.