ID - Glide (1 Gallon)

ID - Glide (1 Gallon)

Brand: ID

Code: FREE4032

Price: £85.00

ID Glide is an award-winning straightforward water based lubricant that delivers all the benefits that you'd want from a high quality lube. Whether you're looking at a lube to combat genital dryness or you want to inject some extra excitement in the bedroom, ID Glide will help you experience optimum pleasure with no drawbacks.

ID Glide is a premium product that is long lasting, lubricating effectively for a generous amount of time before there is a need to apply more and even then it can be easily revitalised with just a little water. Its smooth formula is the right consistency so that it achieves sumptuous glide and slide without taking away the heavenly sensation of skin on skin contact. It does not stain and any spills can be cleaned up easily with a quick wipe or wash, leaving no marks behind.

Recommended by doctors and a favourite for people with sensitive skin, ID Glide contains only the essential ingredients needed to deliver superior performance with no colour, odour or unpleasant taste. Its no wonder that ID Glide is the makers number one selling product. it delivers superior lubrication that enhances your sexual experience, reduces unwanted friction and relieves any dryness without irritation. This 1 gallon container of ID offers great value for money, allowing you to make excellent cost savings for buying in bulk.

ID Glide bears the CE mark as your guarantee of its safety and quality. You can use ID glide to increase pleasure during masturbation, oral, anal and vaginal sex, and it is compatible with all types of sex toys and condoms.

Did you know that 35 x 130ml bottles fit into a gallon, making a huge saving!!