PASANTE- Sensitive (72)

PASANTE- Sensitive (72)

Brand: Pasante

Code: FREE8096

Price: £9.99

Pasante Sensitive Condoms are made from natural high quality latex and are the thinnest condom in the Pasante range - giving you extra sensitivity for a far more natural experience. Regular condoms tend to be 70 microns Pansante sensitive are just 60 microns on average, promoting heat transfer and making them the ultimate condom for a close feel. Aside from their thin structure, they are sized at 54mm width and 180mm height like most regular condoms.

If you've ever questioned the safety of wearing a thinner condom, you'll want to know that Pasante Sensitive Condoms bear both the CE and Kite marks. This is evidence that they have been fully tested and shown to comply with rigorous standards that include stringent bursting volume and pressure tests, ensuring that these condoms are every bit as safe as those with a standard thickness. Additionally these condoms are 100% electronically tested and dermatologically tested for peace of mind.

Pasante Sensitive Condoms have teat ends and are straight sided. They are pre lubricated with silky smooth non-spermicidal lube, but we recommend you use additional lube for improved safety and a better experience. The extra lube can be spread over the condom and a little placed inside the teat for even greater sensation. Our wide range of lubes can be found here with plenty to choose from including water and silicone based, flavoured and flavourless, stimulating and sensitive. For this condom, we recommend Pasante TLC or Pasante Light Lube both high quality gentle formulas that will make wearing a condom feel more comfortable while heightening intimacy and maximising your pleasure.

You can use Pasante Sensitive Condoms safely for all types of sex, including oral, anal and vaginal. These transparent condoms are easy to remove and like all of our condoms, should be disposed of after a single use.