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Mates King Size

Mates King Size 72 Condoms product
  • Pack Size: Pack of 72
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  • Code: FREE2045
  • £9.99

Product Description: Mates largest latex condom, for men who find regular condoms a little too tight.

Features: Large size. smooth, flared shape. Natural colour. A latex condom coated with a non-spermicidal lubricant oil to help glide it on smoothly and comfortably.

Measurements: Width at shaft 56mm, Length 180mm, Thickness 60-80 microns

The Legal Bit: CE and BSI Kitemarked. Electronically and dermatologically tested to meet European and British standards.

Mates condoms (also known as Manix) have always been designed to combine complete safety with maximum enjoyment during sex. Constantly updating and innovating their condom product line, Mates keep abreast of market changes and shifting consumer demand to meet the expectations and desires of generation after generation of young adults. Mates condoms are not only aneffective form of birth control, but they are also proven to be effective at preventing the transmission of many STI’s and HIV. They come in a variety of sizes, flavours, and textures, and offer our largest range of non-latex condoms. All Mates latex condoms on our website bare both CE and BSI kitemark, but should not be used with oil-based lubricants. Click here for suitable lubricants. The latex free options available are CE marked and provide an alternative, suitable for latex allergy sufferers.