MATES - Silky Smooth 10ML Sachet (500)

MATES - Silky Smooth 10ML Sachet (500)

Brand: Mates

Code: FREE2014

Price: £49.99

Mates is a well-known and well-trusted brand that was launched by Richard Branson back in 1987. Now owned by the Ansell Group, Mates is the second largest manufacturer of condoms in the UK. Their innovative lubricants are high quality and offer exceptional performance, delivering a heightened sensual experience for you and your partner without the worry of irritation.

This popular Silky Smooth lubricant has a mild, water-based formula that is ideal for people with sensitive skin. Mates Silky Smooth is gentle, maximising satisfaction while eliminating genital dryness. Silky Smooth is colourless and will not stain your bedding or clothes - any excess can be removed from sheets or garments with a quick wipe or simple run through the washing machine. The lube is also completely flavourless, ensuring there are no distractions while you enjoy your intimate experience.

Silky Smooth is a luxurious formula which is non-sticky, making it pleasurable to the touch. It is suitable for use with all condoms and sex toys, and can be used to enhance both masturbation and intercourse. This CE marked lubricant is delivered as 500 handy 10ml sachets that can be taken with you wherever you go. Rather than having to pack a container or tube in your bag, you can simply slip a sachet in your wallet and purse, ensuring you always have lube to hand when you need it most.

Another benefit of buying lube in sachets is that they dont dry up in the same way that tubs and tubes can, which means less wastage. Place your order now and your Mates Silky Smooth lubricant sachets will be delivered to you in plain, discreet packaging which does not mention the Freedoms Shop name assuring you of complete confidentiality and discretion.